How does it work?



  You choose a fee structure and assign your judgment to our company for enforcement.

Judgment Enforcement Solution, Inc. offers flexibility with fee structure – meaning you decide a fee structure that best suits your needs.  We have contingency rates as low as 30%, and we FRONT ALL COURT COSTS AND FILING FEES.  Once you’ve chosen a fee structure, you assign your judgment to our company for enforcement.  As the winner of a judgment, you can legally assign your judgment to a company that specializes in judgment recovery to assist you in recovering the money owed to you.


We locate the defendant and his/her assets.

The professionals at Judgment Enforcement Solution, Inc. have over 20 years’ experience in judgment recovery.  Our experience and skip tracing resources allow us to:

  • Find real estate anywhere in the country
  • Skip trace the debtor’s current location
  • Locate hard-to-find debtors that may be avoiding detection
  • Locate bank accounts, investment & brokerage accounts
  • Find vehicles and boats the debtor owns
  • Contact references from the debtor’s credit application(s)
  • Utilize NCOA national change of address databases
  • Contact neighbors (past and present)
  • Research licensing bureaus, organizations, and agencies to which the debtor may belong
  • Review department of motor vehicles records
  • Contact current and/or previous employers
  • Scour internet search engines
  • Perform extensive surname searches



Our attorney takes action.

Once our recovery specialists have uncovered the debtor’s location, real estate properties, assets, and financial accounts, our attorney gets to work applying the law to force the debtor to pay.  Our attorney has the ability to:

  • Lien and/or levy on real estate
  • Garnish wages and bank accounts
  • Subpoena the debtor’s financial records and require testimony in court
  • Force sheriff auctions sales of the debtor’s assets

Maintenance Services

When you become our judgment enforcement client, you also receive maintenance services at no additional charge.  The judgment recovery process can sometimes be lengthy, depending on the debtor’s financial situation, and regular maintenance is needed to ensure judgments and lien certificates do not expire and to keep tabs on the debtor’s assets so nothing slips through the cracks or goes unnoticed.  Some maintenance services included:

• Judgment Lien Certificate Renewal (unless lien has expired more than six months)
• Re-record Judgments per Florida Statutes
• Recheck assets every six months