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Thank you for choosing Judgment Enforcement Solution, Inc. as your investigations resource. Our staff is highly trained and we have access to the best professional resources in asset location, skip-tracing and background investigation.  We provide the results you need to determine your next course of action.  If you are a judgment creditor, please also refer to our judgment recovery services for more information on how we can assist you in recovering your unpaid judgment.


Search Types

JES Florida InvestigationsAsset Search: $250.00
(searches for vehicles, property, and affiliated companies connected with subject)

Bank Search: $300.00
(search obtains bank name, routing number and the balance of the subject’s accounts)

Place of Employment Search: $200.00
(locates subject’s place of employment)

Asset Search with Bank Search: $500.00

Asset Search with Place of Employment Search: $400.00

Asset Search with Bank Search and Place of Employment Search: $650.00

Social Security Number Search (attorneys only): $50.00

***Brokerage/Investment searches available.  Please call (561) 366-2636 for pricing.




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