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  1. Professional Skip Tracing
    Many debtors become very skilled at hiding from creditors. Skip tracing is the process of locating or ‘tracing’ a ‘skip’ (a person who ‘skipped town’).  The professional skip tracing resources we have access to far-outweigh free, public resources available to the average citizen.  Using our resources, we can pinpoint the location of the judgment debtor and track down assets, financial accounts and real estate, including those out-of-state.
  2. Investigating Inner Circles
    In addition to professional accounts we have with skip tracing organizations, we also have over two decades of experience tracking down debtor information through the debtor’s ‘inner circles’. We’re proactive, determined and highly skilled – we will track down the debtor’s employers, creditors, neighbors and other references (past and present) to find the information we need to enforce the judgment.
  3. Knowledge of the Law
    Our extensive knowledge of the laws surrounding judgment recovery and debt collection allow us to pursue every legal avenue possible for the recovery of judgment monies. When one option is not working, we have other options waiting for pursuit.
  4. You most likely do not have the time to chase around debtors.
    As a judgment creditor, you have a job, family and life of your own – I bet ‘judgment enforcer’ is not a hat you have the time to wear given the other demands of everyday life. This is our ‘nine to five’; it is what we have time to do – let us help take the burden off your shoulders by actively pursuing your uncollected money, instead of it being a stressor on the back burner as you wait for the debtor to pay on their own time.
  5. Judgments Expire
    That’s right – judgments have an expiration date. Every state has a statute of limitations – or a date when the debt is forgiven.  Don’t wait too long to seek help taking action collecting the money you are owed.  The debtor is hoping you will forget.
  6. Attorneys Standing By
    We’re not a law firm, but we have attorneys standing by waiting to seize your debtor’s assets when we give the word. Attorneys can be expensive – when you assign your judgment to our company for enforcement, the legal actions to recover those monies are something our legal team worries about without you spending the time, money and resources to track down an attorney to enforce judgment legal items.
  7. Diligence
    Judgment recovery is a process and requires persistent and consistent attention. Judgment recovery is a profession and as professionals, we have the tools to consistently manage every step in the recovery process, follow up with attorneys and debtor references, pursue different avenues in the legal process and keep you updated on the progress.
  8. Motivation for the Debtor to Pay
    Hiring a judgment recovery specialist is key to motivating debtors to pay, and they may not pay otherwise – there’s nothing forcing them to pay. Judgments are legal documents, but many debtors just view them as a piece of paper with no real impact on their everyday lives.  Many debtors lay low for several years and after seven years the judgment most likely no longer appears on their credit report.  They go about their lives, getting loan approvals and acquiring assets with the judgment holding little or no influence over their everyday decisions.  Choosing to hire a recovery specialist allows you to be on the offense, pursuing what is rightfully yours and giving the debtor motivation to satisfy your judgment.
  9. We’re highly motivated to recover your money.
    The fact of the matter is – if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.  Not only do we bring professionalism and experience to the table, but also a high-level of motivation to follow through with the enforcement process until your judgment is satisfied.
  10. Distance from You and the Debtor
    Often times, the process of obtaining a money judgment can cause ‘bad blood’ between judgment creditors and judgment debtors.  It may be socially or professionally uncomfortable for you to personally take on the task of judgment recovery.  By hiring a judgment recovery specialist, you are putting distance between you and the debtor.  This may help facilitate the process of recovering your money and put your mind at ease.






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